Millions of dollars in settlements obtained for our clients


$2.0 Million – Medical Malpractice – Misdiagnosed breast cancer resulting in metastatic cancer.

$1.85 Million – Labor Law – Construction worker injured when tripping over protruding wood plank fracturing his right wrist and requiring open reduction surgery with internal fixation surgery.

$1.1 Million – Wrongful Death – Delay in treatment of kidney stones lead to the spread of infection, kidney failure and ultimately death.

$630,000 – Medical Malpractice – delay in diagnosing and treating chorioamnionitis during labor and delivery.

$500,000 – Pedestrian Knock-down – resulting in a tibial plateau fracture requiring surgery.

$400,000 – Pedestrian Knock-down – struck by car while crossing in the middle of the street resulting in a lower leg fracture requiring open reduction and internal fixation surgery.

$390,000 – Truck Accident – driver struck by a large tire that had broken off tractor trailer and jumped median resulting in herniated discs requiring cervical spine surgery.

$350,000 – Premises Liability – customer sitting on bench outside ice cream store knocked off bench by falling umbrella resulting in fractured hip and surgery to repair prior hip replacement.

$300,000 – Slip and Fall on Ice – tenant slipped on ice walking in parking lot and sustained a head injury.

$265,000 – Truck Accident – passenger in car that was struck by tractor trailer resulting in arthroscopic knee surgery.

$250,000 – Trip and Fall – pedestrian fell on defective walkway resulting in fractured ankle and requiring open reduction and internal fixation surgery.

$230,000 – Trip and Fall – shopper tripped over protruding step in front of store fracturing her elbow and requiring surgery.

$225,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – rear end hit resulting in herniated disc requiring cervical fusion.

$225,000 – Trip and Fall – woman in high heels fell on sidewalk crack in shopping center resulting in a left elbow fracture and requiring open reduction and internal fixation surgery.

$195,000 – Trip and Fall – customer tripped and fell on open and raised drainpipe in department store parking lot requiring arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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